25 Radio Ideas You Should Try

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Looking to innovate, but struggling to find inspiration? Transform your station with fresh new radio ideas worth trying.

Everyone gets writer's block from time to time. Even broadcasters. Plucking creative content out of thin air can be challenging, but not with the right roadmap. Choose from the top 25 radio ideas worth trying on your show.

1. News Politics

Get your audience up to date with the latest in current affairs. Politics affects everyone, so there's no better way to draw in listeners. Plus, mix in your own opinions to add a little bit of spice. Politics tend to be controversial, so be careful, and never go TOO far with what you’re saying, or you can get yourself in trouble.

2. Culture

Culture affects us all as soon as we’re born. Whether it be our heritage, our traditions, our art, we are informed and shaped by culture, which makes it a rich subject to explore. In our age of technology and information, cultures from across the globe are more accessible to us now than ever before, allowing us to understand each other better, giving you a world of possibilities to choose from. Local culture, foreign culture, traditions and cultural attitudes, the art produced within those cultures and more are just some of the subjects you could cover.

For a good example, BBC Radio 4, which has a culture show called ‘In Our Time’. It focuses on poems, novels, plays and the people who wrote them.

3. Music

Almost every radio station plays music, so don’t just play it, talk about it! Review albums, singles, concerts and festivals. After playing a song, don’t just leave it at that, give your thoughts on it for your listeners. Your listeners aren’t just tuning in for the music, they’re tuning in for YOU, so let them know you and your tastes better.

4. TV Films

Are you a bit of a nerd? Would you consider yourself a TV and film buff? Use that knowledge to add to your repertoire of radio ideas! Review TV shows and films. Examine the production and behind the scenes aspects to enrich your understanding of them. Ask your listeners to send in TV shows and films that they want you to watch and review. For every ‘Jersey Shore’ you’re asked to watch, they’ll be a ‘Breaking Bad’ to make it worth it.

The Film Programme’ on BBC Radio 4 examines old and new films, talking to the actors and directors to get the hot takes.

5. Gaming

Take gaming out of the bedroom and onto the radio! Discuss recent games you’ve been playing and what you thought of them. Video gaming has grown into one of the most popular hobbies in the world, so you won’t be struggling to find an enthusiastic audience.